Monday, 22 August 2016

To Be Zen

Zen will not be explained by words.
It resides in another dimension.
It is not really understood.
But it may lead you to the way it is known.

It is not a religion -- not a belief -- not even a philosophy.
But it may be lived by a choice of Will.
It may be a compliment to Existentialism.
It works like a sort of Behavioural Jazz.

First: you must slow down.  Mantra: "osoi..."
not only physically, but mentally -- avoiding urgency.
Begin to 'pay attention' to all that goes on in your environment --
with all of your senses 
including: intuition - intelligence - imagination.

Recognise what may be changed -- and what may not.
Avoid argumentation -- and proceed with humility
by providing an example.  Be gracious.
Acknowledge your mistakes and failures --
and seek not the praise of others.

Permit yourself happiness -- and a sense of humour.
Be not seduced by opinions (especially your own).
Learn to love solitude and abstinence --
and the companionship of animals.
Become the best you that you can imagine.

Trust silence.