Wednesday, 21 March 2018


When you discover :

The Impossible
is only
The Invisible

You make Tea

and find an Inclination.

Those Apparitions

have a mind of Our Own.

Friday, 29 December 2017

Kaibutsu Mojotai

'To Be or Not to Be - that is the Question.'

-- appears to be the essential to Existentialism.
Who and what we Will ourselves to be --
is likely to be most like who we ever were in our Beginnings.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

in Limbo : only just a rumour.

'Except you may remember me,
I'm not really here.
I may be the topic of discussion,
But I'm only just a rumour.
Some people may have already heard about me,
But the jury is still out.
You can leave me a message, you can take a vote,
But I'm only just a rumour.
Now, you may have a theory,
And the plot may have a twist,
But in answer to your query :
I am rumoured to exist.'

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Zen Existentialism

If I am a Monster 

I shall be one with Grace

a fearless Innocent

the face of he who knows Nothing

an Enigma, perhaps...

Monday, 22 August 2016

To Be Zen

Zen will not be explained by words.
It resides in another dimension.
It is not really understood.
But it may lead you to the way it is known.

It is not a religion -- not a belief -- not even a philosophy.
But it may be lived by a choice of Will.
It may be a compliment to Existentialism.
It works like a sort of Behavioural Jazz.

First: you must slow down.  Mantra: "osoi..."
not only physically, but mentally -- avoiding urgency.
Begin to 'pay attention' to all that goes on in your environment --
with all of your senses 
including: intuition - intelligence - imagination.

Recognise what may be changed -- and what may not.
Avoid argumentation -- and proceed with humility
by providing an example.  Be gracious.
Acknowledge your mistakes and failures --
and seek not the praise of others.

Permit yourself happiness -- and a sense of humour.
Be not seduced by opinions (especially your own).
Learn to love solitude and abstinence --
and the companionship of animals.
Become the best you that you can imagine.

Trust silence.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Zen -- is your secret magic

Zen is more than a mysterious secret
of ancient Oriental mysticism.

It is of contemporary interest worldwide.

Can you imagine zen without knowing
or really understanding
what it is supposed to be ?

It need not be learned --
we are zen already
if we let go of things we cling to --
we may be left alone with ourselves
in a zen state --
in the clearest reflection
of our being.

Zen gives us permission
to simply exist.

Yes, a form of existentialism --
contemporary and universal
and, like good secrets, intrinsic.

Zen -- is your secret magic.

Thursday, 3 September 2015


On The Artistic Ethos of Being

Crawling through the pages of Jean-Paul Sartre's Being and Nothingness, you cannot help thinking about the qualities of being, and initially, considering the qualities of negation, or not being. It has not been too taxing for me to ponder the things relating to performance that I did not want to be now, or do now, in the new work. I did not want to be an actor. I no longer wanted to be a mime, at least in the conventional sense.

To perform or to act seems inconsistent with just being, without doing. But imagery is nonetheless created, and the pictures are worth a thousand words. So is this installation art? Perhaps, except it is not only visual. It, he, the creature, has a living soul, a personality, and states of being which are sincere, if in limbo.

Not only observation is engaged here, but also recognition. Something is familiar while also being strange.
There is a knowing sense of relationship and truth which doesn't necessarily have to be 'real'.

Shakespeare writes that the purpose of 'playing' is to "hold the mirror up to nature". As a mime I knew and embodied this, that a mime reflects as a stylish, true-if-unreal representation of human nature. But now I prefer to think of myself as a spectra... a vision of someone who isn't, but might be. He is an odd alternative, a sort of benign monster, showing us who we are not, but could be. 

In this, he plays the fool, he manifests becoming. He is zen baka.


Adrift... without More-ings
on a Sea of Tranquillity,

Left Somewhere ---
Not Arrived Somewhere Else.

Buoyant in Levity,

Silent in Stillness,
Alertly Asleep.

Strokes of the Deep.

Fearless & Innocent
as an Octopus.

Acutely Alive.