Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Springs...

As a new springtime beckons and beguiles us all, Charlotte Jarvis, Robert Williamson and myself are stealing little run-throughs (not rehearsals) of our wildly surreal adaptation of Ben Okri's 
The Comic Destiny...

coming soon to an Edinburgh Festival Fringe Programme near you
with the kind hospitality of The Scottish Storytelling Centre
and then to the Riverside Studios in London in September.

We play wherever and whenever there is cosmic space and time. We are clowns --
no, more like imps on a quest for transcendence, spirits and the cosmic timing of the gods.

Ben Okri is truly a stand-up cosmic.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Dead Souls, rollover...

Here's a wee review of Lazzi's adaptation of Nikolai Gogol's Dead Souls
which appeared on Facebook written by Mike Daviot.
I received it on April Foole's Day, no joke. And to me it sings to the spirit of the day's celebration :

'DEAD SOULS... a wondrous one-man performance by Robert Williamson of the classic story by Gogol... if this had been performed in Italy, Germany or France it would rightly be acclaimed as deserving comparison with the work of Dario Fo, Brecht or the golden days of Jean-Louis Barrault at the Odeon in Paris. The passion, intelligence, quicksilver humour and Keaton-esque physicality of the performance are utterly un-British and make the almost an hour show feel like 15 minutes.'

So yes, we shall not be grave men, but shall rollover like a happy lottery and play Dead about...

Please contact myself or Robert about these future gigs... (as some of them may be 'outlaws' !)

Like Nikolai himself... we harness the scoundrel.  'Gee-up !  Drive fast over these bumpy roads !'