Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Foole's Day

upon a deep blue sea
in the hyphen between
we are in limbo

Zen Baka

The genesis of Zen Baka (fool)
began with a zen mime performance called : 11 Os...
about a calligraphy artist who makes eleven attempts
to draw a perfect circle.
This work was first performed at a zen meditation centre in Edinburgh
and was later featured in the Tanabata Japanese Festival at the Scottish Museum.

Also about this time I was doing zen mime, funambula,
on the streets during the Edinburgh Festival.

Both pieces went down well with audiences,
who tended to like, or perhaps wonder at, the extremely simplicity
and minimalism of their content and style.

So a collection of works have been created in this zen-like vein :

awkward travel

aqua - objet d'art

the stone jazz daydream

take it easy



All of these works are now encompassed under the title :

Zen Baka.